Friday, June 3, 2011

Lucky Duckys

Okay, kids. It's that time of year and we really need your help again!

Thanks to my extensive attention whoring over the past year, I'm sure
you are all aware of my 100lb weight loss journey with Weight Watchers
and the role that running has played in my maintenance, both
physically and psychologically.

Last year, The Susan G Komen 5K in Buffalo was the first race I had
ever run. One year later, I have run 10 (5k to 5mile) races and 3
Half-Marathons. By the end of the year, I will be qualified to run the
2012 NYC Marathon!

On that note, I do need to get down to some business.

The WNY Susan G Komen 5k for Breast Cancer will always have a special
place close to my heart (pun intended) for many reasons, but most of
all because so many of the women in my family have been killed by this
disease and if we can just get you guys to donate $10 each, we can
exceed our goal!

Chances are, you've spent $10 on:

*A soda pop from a movie theatre and although the cup may be as big as
your torso, you will spend half the night in the bathroom line,
thereby missing the movie you paid to see and wasting the $13 you
spent on the ticket. Donating $10 will actually save you money!
*Your ever-growing fund to purchase those Broadway tickets for
Spiderman. Save your money because the next stunt man face-plant into
the audience will be free on youtube.
*A framed and autographed copy of THE Anthony "Weiner"
*A honey badger, because he don't care (SEE:
* A year's subscription to Canadian Curling Digest.
*A  hipster-approved beer, formerly considered worthless white trash
piss water, but now considered "cool" in any bar off the first 3 or 4
stops on the MTA into Brooklyn.
*An iTunes season pass for The Real Housewives of Sheboygan.

Ok. Ok. I admit that I made that last one up, but really, can I be that far off?

Seriously, we really need your help! This is a cause that is very
important to our team. My Nana passed away from breast cancer in 1996
and sadly, the chances are staggering that more women in my family
will be diagnosed with the disease including my mom, my aunts, my
cousins and even my niece and myself. We need to conquer breast cancer
before it conquers more of us!

On a sidenote, I would like to take this opportunity to give a great
big THANK YOU to all my friends and family who have supported me and
cheered me on through Facebook and Twitter and in real life! Your
presense in my life means more to me than you could know.

Christina aka Trixie

Donate here:
Lucky Duckys Team Page

If you cannot donate, come on out and join our team! We're looking for more members and right under our names on our team page, you can see a "join team" link. You can walk the 1 mile "Family fun walk" or join me and Mikey for the 5k and walk, run, skip to your loo...whatever you wish.