Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 29th and 30th: Thanksgiving Project

Well, I've definitely been slacking for the last couple days of my November Thanksgiving Project. Our family dog Moses was getting sicker and I was spending a lot of time and energy fixating on that. Yesterday, he left us and it broke our hearts, but we know he was suffering and for the best. 

So for November 29th:

I am thankful for being lucky enough to have shared our lives with Smokey (Mody Martokomous), Scooter (Scootie Doo), Moses (Moshe Peepers), Radar (Tater), Meena (Beana Jeallybeana), (baby) Enid and our current furry family of Ceasar and Lady Ruby Babushkah. 

Having pets in our family is one of the best gifts my parents ever gave us. It taught us to repect beings, other than humans and to know what it's like to experience unconditional love, which few humans would ever give.

November 30th:

I'm so very thankful for my facebook and twitter friends and family. You have provided me with support and entertainment, particularly during some tough times this past 6 months. I know I'm better for having you in my life.

Thank You!