Sunday, January 2, 2011

"I've Been Shot!"

i am not a reader by nature. the only books i read by choice involved harry potter, which i think explains my connection with them, but i digress.

i have tried a few different ways to motivate myself to read. i bought myself an ipad as a goal reward and could really only keep my focus on autobiographies. for the record, i highly recommend Ozzy osbourne and carrie fisher’s books. 

to clarify: they each wrote their own book. they did not write them together, although i’m sure that would be a fascinating tale of invented curse words and drug-induced ramblings.

anyway, onto my real point. i bought this amazing little $5 book at my weight watchers meeting titled “a shot in the arm” last week, after my leader maggie recommended it and explained it’s origin. it seems that the writer, sharon was a weight watchers regional manager and would send out these motivational emails to her employees. this was a few years ago, before the big blog boom, if you will.

reading through this book, sharon shared personal stories, insecurities and humor, in a very non-intimidating or condescending way. i love this little book! i am obsessed with it and actually thought about basing my blog as a response or review of her emails, but decided that i will occasionally address the points as they come up.

sadly, sharon passed away 2 years ago. i am very thankful that i am able to appreciate her words and be enlightened by her spirit.

seriously, pick up this book.