Sunday, January 2, 2011

November Thanks

Last November,  I was really struggling with a lot of things in my life, but most notably, my unfulfilling job.  My Aunt Camille posted on facebook about how she would list everything she was thankful for throughout the month. In an inspired attempt to cheer myself up, I decided to do the same. I would literally sit there with my account open and the mouse clicked inside my status bar for hours every day because I was struggling to come up with things I was thankful for. 

This year, I decided to do the same and I was overflowing with lists of things I was excited and thankful for and had to actually pick and choose which to post. Oh what a difference a change in jobs and perspective could make on my quality of life!

Anyway, since I posted all of them on facebook, but only some on Twitter, I decided to make this into a blog post.  Just re-reading this list makes me happy!

November 1st:  Today, I am thankful that I am currently employed by 2 jobs that I enjoy for companies I believe in, where I am treated and respected like a valued employee.
November 2nd: Today, I am thankful that I can vote! Many people (mostly women) are still unable to vote all over the world.

Plus, I would never forgive myself if that asshat Paladino made it into office and I didn't at least try to stop him.
November 3rd: Well, I was up all night and sick as a frickin dog. I'm guessing it's either an allergic reaction or a flu, but it ain't pretty.

That said, I'm still going to post my thankful thought for the day: That Paladino lost and Buffalo has been spared *some* of the bad reputation he would bring to the area. That friggin racist,... homophobic, sexist douchebag did not help the way the country viewed us.
November 4th: Today, I am thankful for all of our Bitchin' Broads who have gotten healthy and become a great support system for each other!
November 5th: I am thankful for my mom. She's supportive, hysterical and has made amazing contributions to the quality of life of those around her.

November 6th: I am also thankful for my dad. I'm convinced McGuyver was modeled after his badass skills. He also taught me ever...ything I know about exterior illumination.
November 7th: Today, I will give thanks for Mikey, the bestest husband and friend a gal could ask for! He cooks and bakes me healthy things and even cleans and walks Lady Ruby Babushkah, The Bitch of Bensonhurst.
November 8th: Today, I am uber-thankful for my brother Jeff AKA Frappy. He has gone from a little bratty smart ass fart machine to my other BFF...who is a bratty smart ass fart machine. He is no longer little.
November 9th: Today, I am thankful for my health and the (relatively) good health of those I love!

Next up: the Turkey Trot in buffalo and then the Jingle Jog in prospect park!
November 10th: Today's thankful post: I officially put in my notice with Apple, so I can work with Weight Watchers full time!

I feel bad because I liked working for Apple, but I guess they ended up being my rebound relationship after being with an abusive jackhole who took me for granted for 6 years. I've now found my better "fit". Yay!
November 11th: Today, I am thankful for my dad, my Uncle Tony and all the other veterans who have served our country.
November 12th: Today, I am thankful for Lady Ruby Babushkah, The Bitch of Bensonhurst. She is an endless source of love, entertainment and poop.
November 13th: Today, I am thankful that I am able to run.

Most of you know that in 1990, I was flattened by a taxi in Paris and almost lost my right leg. Occasionally, I still have an issue with it, but basically, I am fully recovered!
November 14th: Today, I am thankful for all the amazingly talented people I have met and friends I have made while living in NYC.

Between my fellow NYU graduates and my coworkers at Tekserve and Apple, I am overwhelmed and excited to see all the art you will continue to produce!

Thank you for sharing your talents!
November 15th: Today, I am thankful for all the "old" friends from SRL, Bennett and all my previous jobs (GCC, Siena, Starbucks etc) I have reconnected with through facebook!

A special shout out to my Vegas bitches Suzie, Lisa and Michelle! WOOOOOOO!
November 16th: I'm thankful for the ability to appreciate good music. Although many people were underwhelmed by the Beatles announcement in iTunes yesterday, I am really excited because it will make it easier for less tech savvy people to fill up their computers and iPods with awesome music.
November 17th: I am thankful for caffeine and have no shame about my addiction, since it is really my last vice.
November 18th: Today I am thankful for my BIG laugh, which had taken a bit of a hiatus,
but has been making frequent reappearances lately...and not just
because I have been watching John Hughes films.

Btw, I must recommend Planes, Trains and Automobiles this Thanksgiving season and my cousins Mike and John for introducing me to it!

"What do you think the temperature is?"
November 19th: Today, I am thankful for my cousin Mike G who turns 37 today. He saved me from a life of Barbie dolls and other BS girly toys and played with Star Wars actions figures with me.

He also helped me embrace my geeky side with all the Superfriends cartoons, Weird Al, Michael Jackson, the Monkees and Muppets appreciation and can always be counted on to sing along when a Beatles tune arises! Happy Birthday, G!
November 20th: Today, I am thankful for my awesome family!  Look through my friends list for all the Mercurio's, Dickash's, Gworek's, Secchiaroli's and a Strong and you will see the influences and support that helped make me the person I am now you know where to properly place the blame.  
November 21st: I'm thankful for courage.

My main life-changing events were the result of my courage to change anything from my school, to my city, to my job, to the people I choose to surround myself with every day, despite what was easy or expected of me.
Most recently, I'm thankful for my courage to stand up for myself and Mikey by addressing the Guitard's mom directly. The 5am morning screaming matches seem to have stopped since then!

November 22nd: I'm thankful for J. K. Rowling. Thanks to her, I became a reader for the first time at 30 yrs old & the Harry Potter books have been my favorites by far.

So many amazing things have sprung from them: kids
excitement to actually read (who heard of midnight release parties for
books?), a supportive and talented... fandom, and various charities
including The Harry Potter Alliance!

November 23rd: Today I am thankful for my OLDER cousin John G.

Although his brother Mike G and I were a bit of a bother to him for many of his early years, it's pretty awesome to see what great friends we have become as adults.

I will always be grateful for his coming to my defense when I needed him. I am also in awe of what an amazing dad he has become and of his endless random sports knowledge.

November 24th: In 2006, Mikey and I put on one of the best parties Buffalo has ever seen!

One highlight: our "stand up and quote one of the movies we listed on the tables" to get us to smooch.

Nothing tops my Uncle Paul singing "Sweet Mystery of Life" as Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein or a group of 10 friends all yelling, "I duct taped his ass cheeks together!" from Breakfast Club!

November 25th: Thanksgiving day: I'm thankful for change and growth. 

Together with Mikey, we have redefined thanksgiving and our anniversary from being all about food and indulgence and made it about spending time with family and being healthy!

November 26th: Today I am thankful that I do not work retail.

Please be respectful of the retail employees, as they don't want to be there for 12 or more hours, are usually taken for granted by their employers and even more commonly abused by customers looking for $10 off some random piece of junk they don't need.

November 27th:  Today, I am thankful for board and card games. Although I admit they can also be a lot of fun, video games are just not the same. They do not give the same fun and interaction that a board game can provide.

We're getting together with the Fam later for game night and I'm excited!

November 28th: Today, i am thankful for hope. I think this is my draw to the holiday season and all of the Christmas specials.

Today, we Watched It's a Wonderful Life and Muppet Christmas Carol while decorating the inside of the house. Now onto Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas!

Zuzu's petals!

November 29th:  Today, I am thankful for flexibility.

As the new WW program rolls out, I'm thinking about the reasons why their programs have been so successful and it all comes down to the flexibility to fit it into my life. I can still eat pizza and ice cream when I have the points and make the choice, unlike most other pro...grams that are not sustainable for life.

I have to remember this, so I can teach myself to adjust and be flexible with ALL of the unexpected changes in life.

November 30th: I'm thankful for New York freakin City!

I love being in Buffalo, but NYC during the holidays cannot be matched! While I was home this weekend, my dad booked his annual NYC Xmas trip and I'm so excited to do all the touristy stuff with him in a few weeks!"