Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trixie's Tricky Pizza

like I like myself: Saucy and not too pointy. Wait. What?

Honestly, I think Pizza is one of my favorite foods and might be my only favorite Not made by a family member. allow me to analyze for a moment.

My favorite foods include:

  1. mom’s pasta sauce and meatballs (culinary clone to my nana’s)
  2. dad’s peanut butter cookies
  3.’artar made by my uncle
  4. 4.mikey’s caramel corn
  5. 5.My aunt anna’s baklawa
  6. mom and my aunts’ italian cookies

Anyway, I could go on and on...

My main point here is that i am determined to keep pizza in my life on a regular basis, despite the value rising higher in the new points plus system.

As much as i enjoy L&B Spumoni gardens sicilian pizza, i cannot always spare the points. Thankfully, i also really enjoy very thin crispy crust, like the pizza they make at waldy’s and that one is not only much lower in points, but also easier to fake.

This is the lower point plus version (but decent portion size) i came up with to make at home:

Trixie’s Tricky Pizza

2 small flour tortillas
1/2 cup pizza sauce
1/3 cup shredded weight watchers 4 cheese mix
sliced onions (other veggies, if i have them)
salt & pepper

  1. 1. i sprayed the tortillas very lightly with pam. I’m not entirely sure if this was necessary, but when I did it without spraying, the crust wasn’t as bubbly and i like bubbles.
  2. 2. i placed them in the toaster oven briefly until they were browned and crispy. you can also use your standard oven, but it would likely take longer.
  3. 3. spread sauce, cheese, veggies and spices onto the tortillas.
  4. 4. stick the pizzas back in the toaster oven until they get brown and crispy.

servings: 1 - although i suppose you could make it 2, if you share...but i don’t.

nutritional information for entire recipe
fat:  7
carb: 30
protein: 12
fiber: 5

now, i know i didn’t make any huge life shattering discovery, but since tortilla point plus values haven’t change, i wanted to take advantage and start substituting them for other pointier bread products i have chosen to squeeze out of my daily intake.