Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19th: Thanksgiving Project

November 19th:

I'm thankful for my cousin Mike Gworek! Some of my favorite memories:

-Playing with my Jabba the Hutt playset after Christmas and he was still bitter he had R5D4.
... -Watching old skool Batman w Adam West on a tiny black&white tv.
-Playing rock em sock em robots and breaking open stretch armstrong's arms to reveal that weird goo.
-Making fake newspapers and writing letters to Michael Jackson.
-Drinking red rose tea at Nana's.
-Going to see Weird Al and the Monkees at Melody Fair w Misha Gatto Beeler and getting in trouble because he held out his drumsticks and touched Mickey Dolenz (not as dirty as it sounds).
- Picking fights with the girlfriends of his and John Gworek's "rivals" at Gus Macker (sorry about that!).
-Singing Living on a Prayer with him and Mikey the first night they met and knowing that the fact that he approved, meant Mikey was a keeper.